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Course Name Lesson Name Complexity Length
Tomaz Mencinger: Simple Tennis How to Effortlessly Generate Powerful Tennis Serves Standard 8:28 mins
Tomaz Mencinger: Simple Tennis How To Time Your Strokes On Deep Shots And Not Be Late (Again) Standard 12:20 mins
Tomaz Mencinger: Simple Tennis Simple Tennis Forehand Tips For More Power And Topspin Standard 7:53 mins

Hi, my name is Tomaz Mencinger and I am from Slovenia, a lovely small country right in the middle of Europe. Well, at least we like to think so…

Sports with balls were always very fun to me even from the early age of 7 when I started playing table tennis.

A few years later I started training volleyball and at around the age of 14 I started playing tennis with my dad and my friends.

Although I trained volleyball for 16 years almost professionally, I always came back to tennis in the summers.

Thanks to good hand-eye coordination and other skills developed in other sports I quickly improved in tennis and eventually completed my first certificate for a tennis coach here in Slovenia at the age of 23.

That’s when I started coaching and when my coaching development started.

The power of Internet convinced me to start my first website in 2005 where I focus more on the mental and tactical part of the game.