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Course Name Lesson Name Complexity Length
Peter Freeman: Tennis Tips Forehand Tennis Tips: Topspin vs Power Easy 8:19 mins
Peter Freeman: Tennis Tips Forehand Tennis Lesson: How to handle high balls like the Pros Standard 7:26 mins
Peter Freeman: Tennis Tips Topspin Forehand Tip: Avoid #1 Mistake Tennis Players Make Easy 5:57 mins
Peter Freeman: Tennis Tips Secret Forehand Timing Tip: Learn How to Hit Forehands on the Rise Like Roger Federer Easy 6:55 mins
Peter Freeman: Tennis Tips Best Slice Serve Drill in the World Standard 5:56 mins

Peter has had a passion for tennis as long as he can remember and now he is sharing his passion with you. He knows a little about tennis too!!! Peter has been a state champion 2 times as a top ranked junior player, Oakcrest Highschool in Mays Landing, NJ has put him on their Wall of Fame for his outstanding 74-4 high school record, Peter played number 1 for American University and was MVP and team captain, he has coached two Division 1 College Teams, worked with Tennis Legends Frank Brennan ( Stanford University 10 time NCAA Champion) and Tony Palafox (John McEnroe’s former coach), and is the 2011 USTA Georgia Teaching Professional of the Year.