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Tennis Fitness: Tennis Leg Workout

Tennis fitness is a huge part of tennis today. The pro's are some of the best athletes in the world and they get there by working hard on their tennis training and tennis fitness.

Start working on your tennis fitness by using the leg exercises in the video to build your own Tennis Leg Workout! Start at the backdrop, perform each exercise down to the net and back 3 times and let me know how your leg's feel! If you are more advanced, add more down and backs, if you need to regress, do less. Build your tennis legs!

Michael Farrington from High Altitude Tennis shows you how to build your leg strength for tennis. By doing these lunges and other exercises consistently, your legs will become stronger, your tennis, tennis fitness and tennis leg strength will improve and you will perform better on court. Leg strength is very important for tennis as it allows to to be more explosive and translates to faster movement on the tennis court. More speed, more tennis court coverage.

To learn more about tennis fitness and other tennis training exercises, visit High Altitude Tennis at and download the Speed, Agility and Quickness Training For Tennis. Use those tennis training programs to build up your tennis fitness and yout legs for tennis!


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