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Tennis Fitness: Tennis Footwork – Quick Feet

Michael Farrington from High Altitude Tennis gives you some great tennis footwork drills you can do on the tennis court or at home! Make sure to work on your tennis footwork daily!

Simple drills you can do anywhere to improve your tennis footwork. In order to take the ball on your terms and get it in your strike zone, you have to move your feet quickly and have great tennis footwork! Practice these tennis footwork drills and you will move like the pro's!

Line hops- both feet start outside the doubles line. Hope over and back the doubles line as quickly as possible to improve your tennis footwork.
Line Hops lateral - same as above, but since tennis is sport that involves multiple directions, it is important that we practice the lateral movement during out tennis footwork drills.
Alley step overs - tennis involves a lot of starting and stopping with its footwork. Practice this tennis footwork drill and get your feet moving!
Line Step overs - these can be done on any tennis court in the world, or any where for that matter! Short quick bursts on this drill will improve your tennis footwork immensely!


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