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Secret Forehand Timing Tip: Learn How to Hit Forehands on the Rise Like Roger Federer

In today's tennis forehand lesson, I am going to share with you a forehand tennis drill you can do to learn how to hit on the rise like Roger Federer. Federer may have the best on the rise forehand in the history of tennis.

This tennis video will show you the proper forehand technique to take the ball early. Taking the ball right off the bounce is a very difficult tennis timing move. Most people take this shot too late which will be a double whammy. First of all, you are going to miss the shot. Secondly, hitting late all the time can cause tennis elbow because late hits in tennis cause a lot more shock up the arm.
If follow this tennis exercise step by step and practice it consistently. You will learn how to hit an effective topspin forehand on the rise and play ULTIMATE tennis in 2014.

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