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Beginner Goalkeeper Training: Basic Foundations of Goalkeeping

Goalkeeping is a really fun position that requires a lot of practice and studying. I've trained many goalkeepers from children to adults. All beginner keepers need to work on the foundations of goalkeeping.

The keeper ready position is the most important step for a novice keeper. Getting in your keeper ready position will put you in an alert position and makes reacting to a shot easy.

KEEPERS MUST LEARN TO ALWAYS DIVE FORWARD ALWAYS GO FORWARD EVERYTHING IS FORWARD. The only thing behind us is the goal! We can never willfully fall on our backs when we dive it's bad technique and will end up in a goal.

Catching is instrumental! Make sure you learn how to properly hold a ball this means practicing you W or Diamond catch daily! Bobbling a ball is not acceptable new keepers need to make sure they have "safe" hands.

Enjoy the game and practice every day! The greatest goalkeepers are the ones who practice and leave everything on the field. If you want to be great practice like a great!

Hope this helps you starter keepers and coaches dealing with young or new goalkeepers. It's never late to start goalkeeping! I started at 16 and wasn't good until I was 18.


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